Frequently Asked Questions

1A. The Arizona Trauma Association, formerly AZTrACC, is an organization formed in 2007 by a group of trauma professionals coming together to share resources about emergency response in our state. We are comprised of physicians, nurses, EMTs and other medical professionals required to provide medical care to persons physically injured during traumatic events.

2A. Arizona Trauma Association offers two types of membership.

  • Institutional – State Designated or ACS Verified Trauma Organizations can register for a flat group rate as one organization
  • Associate – Individuals register separately and pay a membership fee for each individual (pricing coming soon!)

3A. As a member of the Arizona Trauma Association, you receive access to an additional level of trauma education through collaboration online and in person with other members. Members can:

  • Serve on committees
  • Receive CME credit for courses taken
  • View information about or participate in ATA research trials
  • Participate in online message board discussions (coming soon!)

4A. You can join the Arizona Trauma Association by contacting us at info@aztracc.org or by phone at 602-933-4060.

5A. The organization is comprised of medical professionals. It was created by a group of trauma surgeons from various hospitals throughout the state. Members also include physicians of all specialties, nurses, EMTs and other medical professionals.

6A. To receive CME credit from the Arizona Trauma Association, you must be a member and either attend one of our courses in person and take the quiz associated with it. In the very near future, you will be able to watch or listen to a CME course from your computer and take the test online for immediate scoring. Either way, once the quiz is complete, our administrative assistant will assign you the appropriate CME credit.

7A. To submit a lecture, please e-mail info@AZTrACC.org. Our administrative assistant will confirm receipt of your submission and it will be reviewed.  If approved, you will be notified and the lecture/event will be added to our calendar.

8A. You do not have to be a member to watch, listen or read our educational lectures. The Arizona Trauma Association is committed to educating any body thorough the world that may be interested in learning more about trauma and acute care to improve the delivery of health care to injured patients.

  • About Arizona Trauma

    The Arizona Trauma Association (ATA) was started by a group of surgeons in 2007 to improve the delivery of health care to injured patients throughout the state of Arizona by supporting collaborative research, education and outreach activities of trauma centers in the state of Arizona.

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